Create relevance. Accelerate results.


Rabbits are curious thinkers who help brands become more relevant by using a unique combination of left-brained and right-brained thinking. Through human understanding, research, strategic thinking and experience design, we co-create improved customer experiences.

{Human understanding}
Through a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, using a human-centered approach, we dig for the insights that will allow us to better understand the needs and motivations of your audience.

{Strategic thinking}
We apply insights gained through our research, partner studies and the landscape of observing current trends to co-create strategies that help companies more closely align with their customers.

{Experience design}
Based on these insights and key strategies, we design experiences for consumers to ensure a comprehensive alignment with your brand. These interactions are created through journey mapping and experience design.



  • Think.
  • Dig.
  • Find.
  • Gather.
  • Co-Create.
  • Understand.
  • Invent.
  • Build.
  • Change.
  • Disrupt.
  • Go quickly.
  • Think brightly.
  • Rabbit.


Rabbit L.I.V.E. Intelligence™

Rabbit L.I.V.E. Intelligence goes beyond data and design. Our methodology allows us to gain a deeper understanding, interpret what’s discovered, and create a truly different, purposefully disruptive, relevant brand experience.

The four nonlinear phases of L.I.V.E.:
Learn, Invent, Vet, Engage.


{context . data . dig . analyze}

Through unique research and data analysis, we gain deeper knowledge and a true understanding of the audience and the situation.


{design . prototype . innovate}

Through co-creation, we develop means for your brand to be more relevant.


{feasible . viable . disruptive}

We test ideas using a nimble and agile approach, ensuring they are relevant and effective.


{action . new . partner execution}

Once the insights and strategy are established and vetted, we work together to execute.

The ultimate result?

Rabbit L.I.V.E. Intelligence brings people closer to your brand, making it easy for them to love you; and maybe in loving you they’ll do something, share something or create something that celebrates this love. And then maybe do it again.

We’d love to connect and figure out how Rabbit L.I.V.E. Intelligence can help you fuel your business.


Marie Jacobsen

  • Discerning.
  • Catalyst.
  • Transformer.
  • Cynophilist.
  • Perceptive.

Emilie Hitch

  • Anthropologist.
  • Designer.
  • Traveler.
  • Musician.
  • For Common Good.

Wayne Carlson

  • Inquisitor.
  • Sympathizer.
  • Conservationist.
  • Outdoorsman.
  • Dad.

Ryan Payne

  • Developer.
  • Technologist.
  • Innovator.
  • Creative.
  • Maker.

Sarah King

  • Multifaceted.
  • Sincere.
  • Sagacious.
  • Cheeky.
  • Discoverer.

Maggie Collette

  • Curious.
  • Intuitive.
  • Creative.
  • Visual Storyteller.
  • Synthesizer.


Rabbit is part of a privately held holding group called b+co, built to provide focused solutions to solve business challenges.